"Gold Shape"

Professor Doctor Pichael Viriyachityra, chemist-researcher who has worked with herbs at the Asian Nutracentical Centre for the last 30 years has made a recipe for slimming and called it “Slim Safe”. He explains that carbohydrates that we receive from food transform into glucose – main energy source of our organism. Unfortunately, if this energy is not spend during physical activity, it is put out as fat in the body, and leads to overweight.

Massage cream made by the recipe “Slim Safe” was called “Gold Shape”. The main ingredients of the cream is “Super Hi-sol” (High HCA-Soluble in water) – formula based on the pollen of Mangustas – friut plant that grows in the south of Thailand and has been used in Thai medicine for several thousands years. It is also called “Royal fruit” or “fruit of ever beauty, youth and longevity”. It consists of hydrocytro acid 70%, flavonoids 14%, and other organic acids that act as powerful fighers of adipose tissues. Cream also includes a special mixture of herbal extracts (anticellulite results) that contain Ginkgo biloba, Cola (for strengthening hypodermic circulation), red pepper and ginger; glicerylstearat, polypropilenglycol-4-cetet-20, benzoj acid ethers, menthol, tocopherol acetat (vit E – youth vitamin), propilenglycol.
Slim massage


Crem is absorbed through the hypodermic adipose tissue into the body, splits excessive fat and prevents forming a new fat layer. Additional effects of applying the crem is appetite decrease. During the slim massage lymphodrainage improves, tissue swellings decrease, venous vessels strengthen, toxins and wastes are brought out. Slim-cream regulates fat metabolism, acts antiscleroticly against sticking elastin and colagen fibres that form kind of skin at the fat particles.


28.09.2003 in the Grand Hall of Thailand Univercity of the Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok 30 Thai women-volunteers agreed to demonstrate fast weight-loss after using “Gold Shape” cream. Being monitored by 80 international TV and Radio reporters, jury of scientists from Asian countries every woman-volunteer had a session of intensive slim-massage while applying revolutionary slim cream based on herbs. The demonstration show was aimed to achieve a world record of the fastest waist volume loss. The women’s waists were measured at the beginning of the session by the doctor’s monitoring, after an hour-massage the waist volume was measured again, and the number impressed all the present at the show: the waist volume decreased by 2,5 – 8,125 cm (average number -  5 cm). This international demonstration show in Bangkok set up a world record on slimming.


The Company-producer applicated its invention to the Ginness Book of Records. The best results at the show were the following: decrease by 10,1 cm of the waist volume; hips by 7,6 cm; upper leg part by 5,1 cm; upper arm part by 3,8 cm. This product was created by the Office of Locsly Public Co. Ltd, responsible for the scientific research based on international standards. The researches of the “Slim Safe” formula were represented at the Third World Congress of Herbal and Fragrance Plants and are accepted worldwide.


The cream is produced for the professional and individual use.


Professional line.  Net Mass – 100g. Used for massage of problematic areas: waist, hips, shoulders, sides ets. For half to 1 hour. Since the cream application it promotes burning of fat and transforming it into energy. Organism will not digest all eaten food, as a result, appetite loss will be felt. You should not continue your meal after feeling satisfied. Do not eat over your organism needs, otherwise you will gain excessive weight.


Individual dasage: 1 packet – 2-6 sessions. It is preferably you should eat lowcalories food and combine massage with physical exercises. It is recommended to have slim massage 2 times a week (individual course – 5-12 sessions).

Price – 360 UAH


Individual ( Home) line . Net-Mass – 200g. Apply cream 2 times a day at the excessive fat areas. Rub with circle movements until the full absorbtion of cream 34 to 1 hour. Result will be evident in 10-14 days (waist decrease by 2,5-12,5 cm). Recommended to apply this cream at home together with slim-massage by professional cream. The quantity of cream depends on an individual. If the coverage is preferred then the cream should be applied and kept 15 min before corerage in order to absorb well. Cream possesses special characteristics: decreasing quantity of cellulite and adipose tissue, defencing skin flexibility and elasticity, smothing stretches and wrinkles out (smooth skin result).

Price – 360 UAH



It is not recommended to apply cream in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation prriod and menstrual period
  • Under 17 years
  • Serious heart and kidney problems
  • Oncological diseases
  • Postoperative period, surgery on the area of desirable cream application
Slim-cream “Gold Shape”
Slim-cream “Gold Shape”

Slim-cream “Gold Shape”

Russia  Slim-cream “Gold Shape” was laboratory testified and licensed in Russia. Oficial distributor of the producer “Asian Life” is the company “7 Paints”, that runs about 50 massage parlours in Moscow and its region. They have used “Slim Safe” method for 4 years. In Russian masseurs’ opinion this cream is the most efficient they  have ever known. Results are impressive: after 17-18 sessions the cliet’s size of clothes decreases by 2 numbers. Russian professionals explain that the slimming depends on the fat maintaining time, kind and condition of skin, balanced and rational nutrition.

Cream “Gold Shape” is exported and very popular in European and Asian countries, China and Japan. And the last two countries, as well-known, will not accept foreign nature product at their markets, because China had taken the first place on the nature plant products for medicine and cosmetology before the sensational cream “Gold Shape” appeared. Particularly Chinese medical and cosmetological laboratories carefully accept something new and natural at their overfilled market.

28.09.2007 professional masseurs from Thailand who has been working in Ukraine (Thai massage parlour “Lilawadee”, address 22 Svoboda avenue, Lviv) for a year, took part in the demontrative show of practical use of the cream “Gold Shape” in the “Beauty-Centre”. Cosmetologists and masseur from Lviv and regio were presented at the seminar. At the beginning of the Slim-massage session two women-volonteers were measured in their upper parts of hips and waists. During 20 min. Thai masseurs were intensivly massaging women’s stomachs and for 15 min were working with their hips. At the end of 1 hour Slim-massage the women’s volumes were measured again by the independent experts. Essential results were accepted and impressed everyone present at the show.

The first woman:
        volume of upper part of legs – 61 cm (before session);  55,3cm(after session) – 5,7 cm decrease in 15 minutes!
        waist - 96 cm (before session);  89,5cm(after session) – 6,5cm decrease in 20 minutes!
Second  woman:
        volume of upper part of legs – 61 cm (before session);  58,5cm(after session) – 2,5 cm decrease in 15 minutes!
        waist - 91cm (before session);  80cm(after session) – 11,5cm decrease in 20 minutes!
Volume decrease by 11,5 cm in 20 min.of massage!

Very apt remark that has been used by Thai scientists about their unique invention says: “Just rub in, and fat disappear!” Cream is quickly absorbed into the fat cells walls, fat volume in the cell decreases, at the same time decreasing the cell size, the adipose tissue gets thinner and your shape gets more gracious.
Phytocapsules for slimming
Phytocapsules for slimming

Phytocapsules for slimming

At the seminar there were presented Thai make phytocapsules for slimming and purifying organism from toxins and wastes. The laboratory-producer of phytocapsules is patroned by the Royal Family of Thailand. According to the ancient Thai recipes and formulas of plant origin and ingredients the laboratory developed phytocapsules and their dosage for purifying organism and decreasing weight. Essential fact is that the treatment does not have any side effects and any contraindications. Organism regulates the dosage itself. Objective results: the first week of intake weight does not decrease, but the body lightness is felt; second week – the weight starts decreasing; third week – the weight decreases, general health and skin condition improve. During the 1-1,5 month treatment organism gets used to choose food necessary for living and nutrition and to eliminate extra and unnecessary food as toxins, wasted substances. This process begins after intake of phytocapsules that “accustom” organism to such activity. Phytocapsules act as biological filters for every organ and system of the body. Phytocapsules are made of extracts from tropical herbs (without any artifial additions) such as: pollen of Garcinia (Mangustan), Thai “Pitac Ben’jakul”, Caladium tuber, saphlor, myrobalan, acacia Cathaheu, Indian Alexandria Leaf, and many other Thai herbs. And during the treatment course with phytocapsules excessive fat splits and the new fat deposits stop forming, blood circulation in tissues improves, gastrointestinal tract activity improves, the number of stretches and cellulite in fat areas decreases, skin surface smothes and its condition improves. They also have vermifugal effect. A month-break is recommended after the commplete tretment course. If necessary the course can be repeated. Thai researchers confirm that after treatment course the excessive weight is not gained, the organism filtrates unnecessary by itself. They recommend at any possibility combine phytocapsules treatment and slim-massage with “Gold Shape” cream for better achievements. The weight loss result – by 15 kg in one treatment course.
Price of 4 bottles (400 phytocapsules) – 605 UAH – one course of treatment.