The Art of Thai Massage

The Kingdom of Thailand – beautiful and mysterious country – is situated just in the centre of South-Eastern Asia, between China and India. Thailand or Siam, as it was called before 1939, is one of the most exotic countries of the world. Thai people name their country “Miangthai” which means “country of independent people”, becouse this is the sole country in the South-Eastern Asia that never was a colony. Besides, Thailand is “The country of smile” for Thai life-philosophy “sanuk” presumes accepting exery while of life as a great joy. The main features of Thai character are respect and unity with every living thing, based in the foundation of Buddhist religion.

We would like to tell you about the Traditional Thai massage,that originated in India, and its main significant development obtaind in Thailand. Its history begins with the spread of Buddhism about 2 500 years ago. The founder of this practice – Jivaca Kumarbhasha – was a famous yogi, doctor and followed Ajurveda traditions. His healing skills and popularity as a surgeon caused he was invited to cure Kings and princes but the most famous among them was his close friend – Budda.
Thai massage
Thai massage developed through the centuries in Buddhist monasteries, where simple people were cured and cared of. The only place where massage skills were taught was the temple – vat. The most well-known temple is Vat Po in Bangkok – the Centre of Traditional Thai Medicine and Massage – institution where highly qualified professional are taught. Thai massage united with herbal treatment and meditation is the oldest method of traditional Thai medicine, fruit of Thai culture with its special philosophy. It is impossible to learn massage skills if not being deeply penetrated by the Buddhist philosophy of life, thus it stands beyond the comprehension of european people. It is opinion of western doctors who settled in Thailand, learned skills of traditional Thai massage for several years in monastery. But the copy is always worse than original. The skills of massage are passed from generation to generation among Thai people.

Thai system of massage demands sincere and good relations between the patient and masseur. In the basis there is a kind of universal energy, represented as two antipodes supplementing each other – Yin and Yang. In Chinese philosophy Yang is the dright active male principle of the universe, and Yin is the dark, not active, female principle of the universe. In accord with this, Yin and Yang have to keep proper balance as in the vast universe so as in the different sites of human body. The practical aim of Thai massage consists mainly in conducting whole (body) organism to the well-balanced condition of harmony, quickly reaching deep relaxation as well as intensive come of vital energy.
Yin and Yang
The basis of Thai massage is founded on the theory of acupuncture. According to this, plenty of unvisible energetic lines go through the body, and important acupuncture sites responsible for internal organs and systems activity are situated on these lines. The vital energy flows into a person through the acupuncture sites like through the kind of “window”. Obstruction of these sites leads to energy blockade – as a result, breaking the balance and development of different diseases. Professional masseur, influencing on energy points and lines, regains the streems of “prana” (in yoga philosophy – vital energy) and promotes recovery. Thai massage unites in the whole technics of three therapies: linear massage, deep massage of muscle and tendon meridians and manual therapy with yoga elements which help to uncover energy system of a man. “Yoga-massage” is another name of Thai massage. Precisely owing to the soft stretching and massage of energy lines by the method of Thai yoga-massage the body discards stress and tension energy channels open, promoting blood circulation, soothing of muscles, increasing muscle elasticity; metabolism in blood and lymphatic vessels stimulates, increasing their tone; mobility of joints improves; toxins and waste substances are brought out from organism, preventing the risk of clot-forming and vessels obsruction; immunity strengthens and increases at the whole.

Traditional Thai massage performed by the genuine Thai professional regains and normalises activity of organs and systems in organism, strengthens and rejuvenates body, and massage on hands and legs where more than 60 acupuncture sites are located is the prevention and tretment of many diseases: the pains in the small of the back soothes, arthritis bothers less often, headaches, digest problems, sicknesses caused by stress disappear...
special mattress made of juice from rubber tree
During the massage a patient is wearing light clothes from natural cloth and is laid on special mattress made of juice from rubber tree. Oils are not used at the Thai traditional massage. It is necessary to be relaxed completely and entryst oneself to masseur during the 1– 2 hours massage session. Massage is performed by technics of smooth stretching of muscles, joints, spine, tendons; pressing by the whole palm and forearm on the reflexive zones and meridians. A special stick is used for legs and feet massage. All these technics promote discard stress and tension, sleep improvement, activity of gastrointestinal tract, urinary system, enrichment of organs and tissues with oxygen,that improves heart and brain activity (prevention of strokes and infarctions). There is not any idea of “the course of Thai massage”. It is recommended (if possible) to have a session every day or every other day to keep the balance of all systems and organs. In Thailand massage is every day practice, exercise to keep on living, increase the tone, discard stress and tension and save one’s health for many years.

Are there any contraindications to Thai massage?

There are contraindications common to many other forms of massage therapy: serious cardiovascular diseasees and high blood pressure (at the moment of massage session); oncological diseases; osteoporosis (disease when bones become weak and are easily broken); rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation of joints that causes their deformation and painful swelling); dermatological diseases (the damaged area is not massaged); pregnancy andlactation period; neglected thrombophlebitis (for improvement of local blood circulation surrounding areas are massaged); postoperative period; haemophilia (inherent disease when blood fails to clot normally). And nevetheless to the point remember an expression of the famous professional masseur Enrice Castelli Garsia who calls Thai traditional massage as the art: “... Could the warmth of human hands be really contraindicated to anyone? If the door in the house are locked we unlock them with the key, if the key is broken we can open the window. The same thing is with massage: if it is not possible to work on feet, then we can work on head, not allowed on head – we can work on legs. Help your neighbour select the kea of his constitution, find the cause of disease – that is the main task of “masseur.”

And only Thai professional masseurs cope with this task excellently!
Тайські майстри масажу