“Gold shape”.

Professor Doctor Pichael Viriyachityra, chemist-researcher who has worked with herbs at the Asian Nutracentical Centre for the last 30 years has made a recipe for slimming and called it “Slim Safe”. He explains that carbohydrates that we receive from food transform into glucose – main energy source of our organism. Unfortunately, if this energy is not spend during physical activity, it is put out as fat in the body, and leads to overweight.

Massage cream made by the recipe “Slim Safe” was called “Gold Shape”. The main ingredients of the cream is “Super Hi-sol” (High HCA-Soluble in water) – formula based on the pollen of Mangustas – friut plant that grows in the south of Thailand and has been used in Thai medicine for several thousands years. It is also called “Royal fruit” or “fruit of ever beauty, youth and longevity”. It consists of hydrocytro acid 70%, flavonoids 14%, and other organic acids that act as powerful fighers of adipose tissues. Cream also includes a special mixture of herbal extracts (anticellulite results) that contain Ginkgo biloba, Cola (for strengthening hypodermic circulation), red pepper and ginger; glicerylstearat, polypropilenglycol-4-cetet-20, benzoj acid ethers, menthol, tocopherol acetat (vit E – youth vitamin), propilenglycol.


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